Serial finishing for passenger elevators

JSC "SchLZ" uses serial design, which can be changed by the customer in the process of production.

Cabin aprons, door panels, layout, a cabin panel (gray RAL 7032) and a ceiling lamp.

Variants of finishing for an elevator cabin "De luxe"

In the process of elevators finishing JSC "Scherbinsky Elevator Plant" presents several design options such as "De luxe1-00 ", "De luxe11-02" on the basis of which you can make an elevator cabin for both residential buildings and elite business centers.

"De Luxe 1-00": cabin aprons are made of stainless steel; layout, door panels of a cabin and a ceiling are made of stainless steel, a lamp is angular horizontal, position control: vertical module is made of stainless steel; a mirror with vertical facet, handrails are also made of stainless steel.

A cabin of a passenger elevator with a cabin design "De Luxe1-00" (stainless steel Exclusive 3, layout is made of polished stainless steel, the ceiling "starry sky", the vertical module with buttons of foreign production, a mirror is located on the back wall above the handrail)

"De Luxe 1-02": the cabin aprons are covered by solid paint coating, layout is made of stainless steel, door panels and ceiling are covered by solid paint coating of light colors, a lamp is corner horizontal, control position - vertical module of stainless steel, buttons have the markings of Braille alphabet, mirror is located on the back wall, handrails are made of stainless steel.