Due to development of new technologies modern society has great demands for design and decoration of an elevator cabin. Our experts realize the importance of matching the design of an elevator cabin to the building in which it will be installed. The excellent design of our elevators is the result of creative approach of JSC “SchLZ”.

The designers of “Scherbinsky Elevator Plant” developed and introduced into the production the design series "De Luxe", the philosophy of comfort, style and beauty.

Finishing of the elevator cabin can be accomplished with the use of plastic imported textured stainless steel or solid colored lacquer coating.

To supplement modern design we use a number of different handrails, lightings, control station panels and floor coverings that create a composition of unique style, beauty and comfort along with the color panels and the doors.

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JSC "SchLZ" has the right to make changes in the finishing without notifying the customer and without deterioration of consumer qualities of elevator equipment in full compliance with existing standard acts and Regulations on the safety of elevators.