Installation of a new elevator is quite expensive and complex business. But if the life of the elevator comes to an end, if it is physically or morally obsolete, it should be repalaced.

JSC "SchLZ" offers an optimal solution to this problem - the modernization of the existing fleet of elevators. THE NEW kits are designed in accordance with Technical regulations on safety of elevators. The aim of modernization is to replace worn-out equipment, updating the interior compartment of a cabin and door panels. When upgrading we use modern materials, new technical solutions and modern technologies of JSC "SchLZ."

Replacement of out-of-service equipment by a modern one allows at least getting an elevator that meets the high technical requirements and equal to the new kit but with a considerable money saving.

To order the upgraded kit download via internet and fill out the questionnaire below and send it: fax +7(095) 739-67-39; e-mail

Download the questionnaire to order upgraded kit [108 КБ]