Freight elevators

Frieght elevators for industrial buildings

While constantly refining its product and extending the product line, JSC SchLZ has designed and produced elevators with high capacity of 500 - 5000kg and with the speed of 0.5 m/s (0.25 m/s for elevators with 5000kg weight capacity). These elevators are often installed in administrative and industrial buildings: warehouses, large stores and malls, factories, etc.

Our customers can order freight elevators in different designs: with hydraulic or electrical drive, with dual entrance or single entrance cabin, cabs can be operated from the floor stops or by a lift operator accompanying freight.

Freight elevators for operation in explosion hazardous zones

In 2001 we started production of electric freight elevators for operation in explosion hazardous zones. Electric equipment and materials used in these elevators are designed for exploitation in Class 2 explosion hazardous zones where Category IIA T3 explosive mixtures can form. Tests have proven that constructional materials used in explosion-proof freight elevators are safe in case of sparking due to friction, gliding or collision.

The freight elevator cab is made of metal modules powder coated with hard paint. It is equipped with "Bostwick" door type. The cab floor is covered with ridged steel sheet. Freight elevators have manual push open two-leaf shaft doors.

Freight Elevators for Motor-Car Transportation

Over the last years JSC SchLZ has been more and more often receiving orders for manufacturing elevators destined for motor-car transportation. The latter fact is connected with large-scale construction of multi-storey car parks.

Motor-car elevators of this type can be used for:

  • installation in multi-storey car parks with up to 5 above-ground and 3 underground floors;
  • installation in car park buildings under construction or reconstruction. They can be positioned inside or outside the building, with the elevator construction units unfastened from the existing building parts or cast-in-place construction of the well.

Elevators of this type are destined for automatic motor-car transportation between storeys inside the premises used for motor-car storing. In contrast to standard elevators this construction ensures absolute safety of the driver caring onto (from) a rigid platform, which is not connected to the elevator at this particular time.