Ecomaks Elevators

General information

New generation passenger elevators with a capacity of 400-1000kg and speed of up to 2.0 m/sec.

These elevators can be produced with or without machine rooms. They are used for elevator restoration (replacement) as well as at construction sites. Scherbinsky Elevator Plant (SchLZ) manufactures its elevators with technologically advanced and precise numerical program control equipment. For our new elevators we use the equipment of such companies as TRUMPF, Finn Power, DARLEY, Haas, Cemsa Roof, etc. New generation elevators are the modern product built with European standards; they combine the most effective engineering solutions and high-quality parts.

Ecomaks Elevators Overview


Elevator Model Constructor

  • Finish: powder coated cab and shaft doors
  • Button panel with Braille designations and light indicators
  • Polished stainless steel handrail
  • LED lightning
  • Floor: fire resistant, durable linoleum or fluted aluminum
  • Aluminum doorsteps
  • Elevators are equipped with advanced EPM winches as well as the winches produced by SCHERBINKA OTIS LIFT and Montanari
Special Features
  • Modular type cabs
  • Electronic weighing system with tensometric sensors
  • Easy assembling with WAGO electrical connection
  • LED lightning
  • Telescopic doors with full automatic opening of 1200mm in ПП-0621(1021) elevators
  • New variable-frequency door drive with moving shifter provides smooth and silent door opening/closing, simplifies adjustments
  • Aluminum doorsteps
  • Excellent sound and vibration insulation of the cab and shaft doors
  • The elevator cabin can be easily assembled inside the shaft which becomes a valuable asset when elevator restoration (replacement) is required
  • Energy saving technology
  • Non-assembled cab and shaft doors

Our new generation elevators for people with mobility impairments meet the National State Standard - ГОСТ Р 51631-2008 (ЕН-70:2003).

  • Frequency converter of the main drive gear
  • Safety photocell
  • LCD and TFT displays
  • Uninterruptible power system
Target Market:
  • Commercial building construction
  • State programs for elevator replacement in residential accommodation

New Generation Elevators General Information Sheet (download PDF file)