Production Technologies

JSC SchLZ applies in production only advanced technologies that ensure and immensely improve reliability and comfort indicators of elevator equipment.

JSC SchLZ uses a line of powder coating produced by Wurster with spray booth produced by an American company Nordson. This high tech equipment with automatic spray booth has a software control. Degreasing of details includes the installation of reverse osmosis that provides softening of hard tap water and further regeneration to demineralized water. Centrifuge for purifying degreasing solutions from mechanical particles and sludge is located near a degreasing bath as well as an oil tank used to collect oil from solution surface. This equipment keeps solvent pure and enhances the surface quality of coated details.

This coating method contributes to better adhesion and heavier coating thickness reducing the possibility of equipment corrosion and extending its service life. Environmental safety in using this equipment accounts for its distinct asset. Absence of inflammable and toxic solvents substantially helps in addressing the environmental issue and improving labour conditions at plant.

Advanced equipment by TRUMPF and DARLEY is used in the manufacture of details made of sheet materials. These companies are leaders in production of sheet processing equipment that allows to produce elevator details of top quality.

Blank production features squaring shears with software control of TRUPF and Finn Power manufacture that provide high precision metal sheer with thickness up to 16 mm.

Punching machines with software control of TRUPF and Finn Power production perform high speed and high precision metal sheets perforation including various types of molding.

Combination of high speed punching and laser cutting of Finn Power facility allows to get unique details with complex pattern, different openings and molds.

Thanks to its powerful lasers TRUMPF laser facility produces 20 mm thick details with high precision and quality of processed surface helping to reduce labour intensity and time resources in their manufacture.

The final phase of complex sheet processing employs TRUMPF and Finn Power sheet-bending machines with software control and pressing force up to 170 tons.

This equipment has replaced the efforts of various outdated machines and profoundly increased the quality of details. Decrease of time expenditures within the technological process of details production enables to boost the total output of the plant.

Welding process accounts for a major role in elevator industry and allows to choose the most practical design and form. Our plant applies various welding technologies that reduce labour intensity and avoid marking in the production of elevator details and gears. We perform drilling, complex molding, etc.

Widely used arc welding with consumable and non-consumable electrodes takes priority in the production of gears using thick rolled details for the manufacture of designs under sign-variable and dynamic loads.

Resistance spot welding is used in the production of diverse metal structures of steel sheets due to its high efficiency and productivity. It is widely used on our plant and replaces other low efficient welding methods.

Our plant has a large pool of spot welding machines used in the stock production of operating panels and door leaves as well as ecomaks elevators. One of seven resistance spot welding facilities of an Italian company CEMSA was made especially for the manufacture of ecomaks shaft door leaves.

High tech equipment of a German company HBS, an absolute leader in this industry, is used in welding of thread metalware for an elevator control panel.

Our plant carries out complex work on mechanization and automation of welding processes, implementation of advanced technologies and equipment to facilitate labor efficiency and quality of welded structures, decrease of energy consumption and welding materials as well as improve working conditions. Resistance spot welding machines and arc welding machines for work in shielding gases are purchased to produce welding assemblies.

Our plant imposes strict requirements for welder qualification, in particular, to those who have a certificate of the National Agency for Welding Control in compliance with Rostechnadzor.

Cooperation with the European industrial equipment manufacturers and selection of the best technologies provide Scherbinsky Elevator Plant with a distinct asset in elevator production compared to its competitors.