Awards and comments

GRAND-PRIX 2009 – main prize at the 4th International exhibition "Lift Expo Russia - 2009"

GRAND-PRIX 2011 – main prize at the 5th International exhibition "Lift Expo Russia - 2009"


Prizewinner of the 4th International Exhibition "Lift Expo Russia – 2013" in the category "Innovations in vertical transportation, handling machinery and equipment, including small analogues"


GRAND-PRIX 2015 – main prize at the International exhibition of elevators and handling equipment "Russian Elevator Week – 2015" in the category "The Best Elevator". Prizewinner in the category "The Best Russian Elevator for Housing and Public Utilities".


Dear Mr. Vaxman,

AO "LIFTEC" assembles and adjusts elevator equipment manufactured at your plant. Over a period of our collaboration we would like to recognize professional competence and high qualification of your experts as well as high quality of your products meeting strict requirements of modern market. We hope that our companies will continue fruitful and proficient collaboration.

Director General AO "LIFTEC"

Voblikov A.V.

JSC SchLZ is our major supplier of elevator equipment. The plant is constantly working on upgrading technical attributes and aesthetic appearance. It should be marked continuous improvement of output quality. We qualify the plant staff as competent and high qualified and recommend as a reliable partner.

Director General ZAO "SU-155"

Mescheryakov A.S.

JSC SchLZ is our long-time and trusted partner. Over 11 years of collaboration we have implemented complex projects where JSC SchLZ strongly supported us and helped a lot. Moreover, we would like to note professional competence of Trade representative office staff of JSC SchLZ, in particular one in Moscow for efficiency and quality of information provided. As assistance in joint production activities is a cornerstone of successful performance of contract obligations.

Head of Sales Unit at "Trade representative office INKORMONTAGE",


Letter of Appreciation of the Minister of Energy, Housing and Public Utilities of Sverdlovsk Region


Dear elevator manufacturers,

I extend cordial gratitude for the "machine" you have installed in our house. Nowadays when industry is suffocating, you manage doing such great things.
When I come to visit my son, I compare their elevator with ours. Your elevator is the best!
Every time I use it I kindly remember those who have manufactured it and maintain it in working condition.
We wish your staff prosperity! Thank you!

Yours respectfully,
Alexander Makhnev,
15-38 Polenova Str., Irkutsk 664007

Diploma of Forum Participant "Economy of a City: Development pathways"

Letter of Appreciation by Mayor of Nizhniy Tagil


Review of Municipal Governmental Institution of Novosibirsk City "Office for Engineering Supervision of Housing Facilities"

Cup and Diploma of Competition Winner "Moscow Entrepreneur 2014"