Administration of JSC “Scherbinsky Elevator Plant”

Tsygankov Alexander is a Commercial Chief Officer of JSC SchLZ.

He graduated from Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (specialty "Mechanical Engineer"). He was one of the originators of Commercial Department. He started his career in the position of manager in the Marketing Unit, later he was promoted to Director of Marketing, currently he occupies the position of Commercial Chief Officer.

Awards: "Manager of the Year (2000, 2004)".

Anatoly Vovk is a Production Director at JSC "Scherbinsky Elevator Plant".

He graduated from the Khmelnitsky Technological Institute of Domestic Services (specialty "Mechanical Engineer). Since 1996, he has been working for JSC SchLZ.

Awards: Medal "In the memory of the 850th anniversary of Moscow" (1997), honored title "Honored Worker of Industry of the Moscow District" (2003).

Yury Radin is a Technical Director of JSC "Scherbinsky Elevator Plant".

He graduated from Moscow Technological Institute of Light Industry (specialty "Mechanical Engineer"), completed program at PhD school (1998) and was conferred the degree of Candidate of Sciences in Technics. Since 1984, he has been working at JSC "SchLZ". Mr. Radin is a Member of the Presidium of non-profit partnership "Support of Russia", Vice-President of the National Union of Elevator Self-Regulating Organization.

Awards: Medal "In the memory of the 850th Anniversary of Moscow", honorary citizen of Scherbinka, prizewinner of the State Prize of the Russian Government in Science and Technology; Mr. Radin is a co-author of three patents for improving the elevator output, author of 15 research articles and publications.

Gomenyuk Vladimir is a Chief Engineer of JSC "Scherbinsky Elevator Plant".

He graduated from Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, (specialty "Metallurgical Engineer").

He started his career as a master of a foundry site in 1982.